Client Testimonial 1

Two friends express their thanks for the socks and fellowship.

“Thank you for coming and sharing your experience and socks…”

Client Testimonial 2

A friend emphasizes the importance of new, clean socks.

“Thank you for bringing socks…these are the things we need.”

Client Testimonial 3

In this client testimonial a gentleman expresses gratitude for new socks.

“Thanks for coming out and bringing socks. We need that blessing.”

Volunteer Testimonial 1

Mel expounds upon how much the children of Kindercare enjoyed participating the the S.O.C.K.S Box™ drive.

“The kids here at KinderCare loved bringing in socks for the homeless.”

Volunteer Testimonial 2

Volunteer, Lauren, reflects on her outreach experience.

“We take something small like socks for granted but when I’m offering socks I see a brightness in people’s faces.”