Frequently Asked Questions

What type of socks do people experiencing homelessness need?

In short, new socks of all kinds for men, women, and children. The most popular styles of socks are crew (#1) and ankle. Crew is the year-round favorite and ankle is more popular in the warmer months. Men's crew socks are the most desirable for men and women because they are thicker and therefore more durable and comfortable. With respect to color, either white or black is awesome.

How do I give socks to people who are experiencing homelessness?

The great thing is, anyone can give socks! Keep some in your purse, brief case or glove compartment of the car. If someone asks you for change or some other form of assistance, you can share a pair of new socks. For more information about the how and why to give, check out our blog post - "The Who, What, Why and How of Giving Socks."